There can be no doubt that computers have come to stay!

In a fast shrinking world modern technology is currently tapping into the immensity of the micro universe as data processing grows in complexity to accommodate the ever- expanding limits of Human knowledge. It seems like only yesterday that the Woz (Steve Wozniak) held everyone in awe with his brainchild, the PC. But since then the world of computers has come to be part of everybody's life in some way or another.

Society the world over has become increasingly dependent on the computer. It has become the polyvalent
and indispensable tool whereby multinational consortiums carry out their mammoth transactions, international airports monitor air traffic, and schoolchildren do their homework assignments and play video games. It is also the eyes and ears of the global network the Internet has become.

In the early days and due mainly to the lack of knowledge, a number of people fostered serious reservations about computers, believing them to take over the world some day thereby making Man redundant. Today such misconceptions have been largely dissipated by mass diffusion of information about the computer and its worldwide usage.

Nonetheless, the average user may be able to carry out basic operations but not necessarily understand the logic and technology behind them. As such, we at aim to provide updated computer related guidelines, info and Internet links in an effort to make the world of Computers accessible and comprehensible to the average user. Try us!