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The ultimate objective of is to promote and divulge Lusitanian culture in all its diversity to the four corners of the earth. The Lusitanian adventure over the five continents and the oceans, which marked its beginning in the XV century and has lasted to this very day, has made a most valuable contribution to the societies wherever the Portuguese set up home over the centuries, thus, leaving an indelible mark on the historical, socio-cultural and economic tissue of almost every modern day country in the world.

Acknowledging the Internet as the most privileged medium for the dissemination of data throughout a world on its way to globalization, we have set up this space as a rapid and efficient communication channel among the various Portuguese communities spread out over the world, some of which being small, have long been forgotten and isolated from all the others.

The influence of the Portuguese throughout the world has made itself felt in all sectors of contemporary social activity. Therefore, we, at, wish to contribute and encourage the positive dynamics of the Portuguese presence in the world of today by bridging the gaps amongst its innumerous poles.

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We specialize in supplying Internet Services and Technology, furbishing the best digital solutions for all current business, individual, associative and collective needs. This space is directed to you, your business or association. We offer you a modern, strategic cybernetic partnership for all your business, promotional, advertising, informative, and creative or merely leisure initiatives. has the exclusive rights to and is the sole proprietor of all texts, translations of originals, photographs and graphics displayed on this website, with the exception of signed pieces, which are property of their authors. For any other use or purpose the interested parties must obtain previous authorization from the Administration and their authors.