Introduction why?

In a world in which the concept of the global village is fast becoming a reality, Lusitanity ought to strive for an active exchange with its peers and associates, progressively making its presence felt in the world and its voice heard by other communities and peoples.

Information, communications and education are seen as the strongest investments for forthcoming generations, and as such we feel that much remains to be done to elevate the standards of quality in these sectors.

One of the requirements to attain these goals is to enrich our historical and cultural patrimony through accessible and feasible promotional programs. seeks to create a cybernaut space that will promote Lusitanity in its multiplicity, enriching its legacy whilst protecting it against the onslaught of socio-cultural and economic degradation.

By choosing similar dynamics to that of our illustrious navigators, this concept sprung from the dream of a work group and projects themselves beyond the frontiers of land and sea to the world collective. The homeland is most certainly the cradle of the historicity of the Lusitanian phenomenon. Nonetheless, its rich historical and cultural legacy has been unable to assert itself abroad visibly, largely due, we feel, to the lack of adequate and efficient promoting by its cultural and social agents.

The project seeks to be part of the global communications network that is the Internet, making available a database and rendering services that target a large segment of the world audience. The web site aims to offer the Internet surfer, irrespective of origin or country, practical and didactical cybernaut itineraries that will cater to the growing need for information.

Relying on the dynamic input of its participants as the key to success of this endeavour, we aim to find a library and archives open to the public as a peripheral project to the web site itself. The agenda of activities complementary to the project will include the organization and realization of thematic exchange programs, conferences, seminars and other events.

We believe this project to be innovative in the socio-cultural and business sectors of the Lusitanian Diaspora, the patrimony of which needs to be preserved but above all occupy the place that it so rightly deserves in the annals of future generations.
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