Joe & Nancy: Musical Duo

Joe & Nancy, a singing duo from Vancouver, Canada, began their musical career in 1988 and have since branched out into songwriting and composition.

They started out as a dance duo, performing in clubs and restaurants in and around Vancouver. Through the years they have taken part in numerous shows, festivals and events within the Portuguese, Italian and Asian communities on the Canadian West Coast. They have performed in concerts, some of which in stadiums, were alongside such popular Portuguese artists as Roberto Leal, Jorge Ferreira, Chiquita, Clemente among others.

It is not easy to pinpoint their style as this dynamic duo's music reflects diverse influences. Born in Canada of Portuguese parents, Nancy has, ever since early childhood, expressed a great love of music. Today, her versatile voice feels quite at home with rock n' roll, pop, latino, country and traditional Portuguese music. Joe' s origins, (he was born in Fatima in Portugal) and his diversified musical education are evident in his unique style, a mixture of rock, pop and multicultural music with classical, jazz and rhythm and blues roots. Musical variety is probably the best way to describe Joe & Nancy.

In 1992, Joe & Nancy launched their first album with eight original songs. It was a success with the Portuguese community. The songs Filha de Portugal, Paixão, Brincadeira and O Passeio from the same album became immensely popular and are still frequently heard on Portuguese radio programs in British Columbia. Unfortunately, only 2000 cassette copies of the album were made and these were soon sold out on the local market.

In 1996 they came out with a cassette titled "Canções Sem Fim", a collection of cover versions in various styles, idioms and different musical eras.

Their latest CD, "Bailamix", comprised of eleven originals was a self-release launched in December 2000. Soon a number of the songs from the album were being played on local radio stations. Their song Mais Que Nunca, even as a pre-release and in Portuguese, was the second most requested song during the month of November on the daily program of the Italian radio station"Imagine Itália". The songs Joias no Meu Lar, Baila Perto de Mim, Não Vivas p'ra Trabalhar and Há Festa Portuguesa are also frequently heard on the British Columbia Portuguese radio channels.

Joe & Nancy's plans for the future are basically to continue performing live, composing and recording original material. As musical artists and composers, their main objective is to promote their music throughout the world.

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