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The Morning's Promise

by Steven Lima

The morning remains asleep as I stand to be awakened by the lightness of my life. I need not worry in fright for the next day ahead. For the love that swells inside me is to see days infused like in a dream of play. My adult years are here. There is no remorse but a longing to reach for the things ahead. Will my fate be guided by a light that can only bring such things to spring into the gardens of many, and not only mine? For I have tried to serve only myself, not watering the gardens of others. I have failed… I am sure to fail on the way to be. For love is the answer to all these worries that come not in rush, but in the stillness of my grandmother's prayer. By her stillness, I know I need not worry but love the very life that He has taught us to live by. To be one with all that you do, so your days may rest while your heart is to grow in promise to the world.